Android hackathon

Yesterday I was watching last episode of Sherlock and suddenly my phone rang. My friend called me to tell me that I have to join him in the pub to solve some sort of programmers problem. So I did. The problem was that he was suffering of lack of programmers.

Long story short, he asked me to help him with an android app. Firstly he had planned to use Titanium SDK but he found out that this is not working solution for him after all and he has to ship the app for iOS and Android asap. Actually the deadline has been missed already.

So we made a deal – I will try to develop an android app and he will be working on an iOS version at the same time. The latest possible deadline is 14 days.

So my android hackathon started. I got designs today and worked on the layouts and the basic functionality. And prepared most of the resources. Tomorrow (day 3) I would like to implement ┬ásomething more complicated (there’s an augmented reality in the app, so I will be coding camera stuff).

Will post more about implementation later, there’s a lot of interesting things to share.