Backup your WordPress to Google Drive

WordPress is a great open source CMS, even this site is running on it. And since there is a Google Drive – cloud solution with a free 5GiB, why not to use this space for backups? Of course there is a lot of alternatives but I will start with this combination because I really like GMail and that’s the reason why I use Google Apps instead of other email solutions.

First of all, it’s not completely trivial. Let’s start with installing wordpress plugin called Google Drive for WordPress. I assumed that you have an google account with google drive activated. Sign up for one, if you don’t. And let’s start with some google magic. Google API’s console sounds scary, right? Ok, just clict the big blue button create project.

In the list of services look for Drive API and turn it on. Accept Terms of Service. Then click on the Drive API (not the swith).

Choose tab API Access and click big blue button Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID.

Fill in Product name a click Next.

Firstly click more options, you will get the screen similar to image below. Do you have the Google Drive for WordPress plugin installed and activated? Good. Sign in to your wordpress and co to configure google. Copy the Authorized Redirect URL to the form, the Authorized Javascript Origins is url of your website. Done? Click Create client ID.

And again, copy & paste the Client ID and Clients secret from Google Apis to settings of the plugin (sign in to the wordpress, go configure google).

You will be asked to grant a permissions, just click Allow access.

And it’s done. Now you should select what you want to backup and what’s your desired interval. Congratulations.

Use Icon Fonts, it’s cool

I was always like I don’t like new things. For example there was a great card game called Wastelands (similar to might & magic) and me and my friends started to play this game in early 90’s. Everything was cool since they’ve published new edition. I was totally furious. I had great pack of cards by that time and I should start over? So I quit. It turned out like a possible best move afterall. Instead of spending free time with sweaty creepy guys I was spending free time with a beautiful girls. I have to tell, it’s much more fun.

Despite the fact I’ve written above I am really into webdesign for a whole life. And there is a lot of changes and they comes really quickly. Do you remember the entrance of cascading style sheets and the end of table layouts? I was so thrilled about that. And because there is always a new thing, I would love to introduce something really special. It’s called Icon Fonts and it solves problem with images on the web.

Do you want to use vector images on the webpage? Ok, so why not to try Icon Fonts? Basically it’s icon set used like a font (it’s not a problem to embed a font, right?). For creating icon sets you can use IcoMoon – awesome web app. And what are the benefits of  using Icon Fonts?

  • You are able to change the size of image. Easily.
  • You are able to change the color. Easily.
  • Want a shadow? No problem.
  • What about transparency working in IE6 with no hacks?
  • Want to add gradient or stroke? Why not?

Facebook published messages on timelines. Sweet.

Facebook goes crazy. Maybe you have noticed that messages at facebook older than 2010 are missing, at least you are not able to find them in your inboxes. Sad. I’ve got a great news for you. They were just moved to another place, to your friends timelines. Go check them, it’s fun. First things first, you should immediately delete all the messages from your lovers and so on (my girlfriend was smart and she deleted these messages right away, you should do it this way too).

Attempt of assassination of president of Czech Republic

President of Czech Republic is Vaclac Klaus (he’s going to leave this position next year), he was the leader of conservative party in ’90s. The president here doesn’t have a lot of powers. Basically he can use presidential veto (the parliament can overvote him) and he is able to release chosen prisoners. So he should represent country and be a good man to give us a great example of kindness and so on…

You may know him as Great Pen Theft.

He is also a big opponent of global warming, european union and all the liberal stuff like snowboarding. Whatever, not interesting topics at all. Yesterday there was a big holiday in Czech Republic, we were celebrating that we are Czech and we are the best.

Vaclav Klaus was hanging around at some square in small city, trying to impress ordinary people with his irrestible smiles. Out of nothing the assassin stands just a few steps from president. He aims his gun at presidents elbow and shoots. Like 8 or 9 shots. The bodyguards are shocked, but they have to keep an image of tough guys so they are trying to keep their feelings inside.

After all the gun was airsoft gun. President was transported to an hospital and they saved his life, there’s no need to argue about it. The assassin walk away like 500 feets and there was arrested while smoking a cigarette (don’t smoke, it could get you in trouble!). What’s the advice? Don’t try to assassinate president of Czech Republic, it just doesn’t make sense and you will look like a fool.

How to install Linux using USB stick

Do you wonder how to install linux on your computer if you doesn’t have an DVD drive? Use USB stick! It’s really simple. You will need USB stick and UNetBootin (Mac, Windows or Linux version).

You should format (erase all data) your USB stick before you are going any further.

Download UNetBootin, install & run it. You should see something like this:

Now you’ve got two choices. If you choose (top part of the window) linux distribution, the UNetBootin will download the chosen version. If you have the ISO file downloaded, you should check Diskimage in the bottom part of the window and choose your ISO file. Choose the destination (should be the USB stick) and you are ready to go. Hit OK. And let the software makes magic:

After the software finishes the operation, you just try to restart your computer and boot the system from USB stick (if there is an error, try it again and don’t forget to format USB stick before).

How to install Windows 7 using USB stick

Our computer doesn’t have a DVD drive and you need to install Windows 7 on it? There is no problem, at least if you are the proud owner of 4GB+ USB stick, just follow instructions below.

You are going to need an ISO file with install disc of Windows 7. If you own DVD with Windows 7, use some software for creating ISO files (in case you have an access to a computer with DVD drive, of course). In case you don’t have install disc with Windows 7 on it, the easiest way to get it is to buy it.

You are going to need another piece of software – Windows 7 USB download tool. Download, install  & run it. You should see something like this:

Let’s begin. Take you USB stick, check if you don’t have important data on it and format it (the windows 7 USB download tool is able to format USB stick itself, so you’re eligible to skip this step). Choose your (browse button) iso file and hit thenext button.

Still very simple, in this step just hit USB device button.

In step 3 you should choose your USB stick from the list and hit Begin copying.

And wait till the tool finish copying the files. You are ready to go, you have the bootable usb stick with installation of Windows 7 on it. Restart your computer, choose boot from USB and install your Windows 7. Enjoy.


Prohibition! Let’s experience Godfather.

I really didn’t hope that my first post could be about something that big.

We have prohibition in Czech Republic since friday. Ok, it’s not a definitive and it doesn’t include all of the alcohol, we can still drink the stuff we got at our homes. But you can’t buy anything with more than 20% alc. vol. Why? It’s simple but not logical at all. In the last two weeks there was a few people (around 20 right now) drunk a big  dose of methanol and they died. Methanol is a part of spirits, of course it’s marginal amount. If you drink a homemade (illegaly made) spirits, there’s a chance, that dose of methanol will be bigger. The proccess of making alcohol is not trivial. But it’s cheaper. Symptoms are – blindness at first then a death. Antidote is ethanol (yeah, right). Typical situation in bar after a few drinks:

Suddenly that girl looks really great, I should try to get her.

And after a few drinks with big dose of methanol:

Ouch, where is the fat ugly girl, wasn’t she standing right there? And why they shut down the lights?

At that point, you really should drink something safe like absinth.

Allright, that’s a little background. Because they (government, policemen) want to track down all the illegal alcohol, they’ve decided it would be easier in the situation when alcohol will be prohibited. So you can’t buy an alcohol at the stores nor the bars. They had to hide all the bottles. And nobody knows how long it will take. Bad times for bartenders. That’s why it’s totally great idea to try run a business in Czech Republic.

It won’t solve anything, the illegal alcohol is not distributed in a legal way and this situation could lead to a worst situation after all. The only way how to buy an alcohol is a black market and the quality should be really terrible.

However it’s totally funny situation. Gamification of drinking (let’s find a way how to convince a bartender to left a bottle at the toilet).

In my opinion the main reason of prohibition is to distract attention of people from something else (the election is coming), it might be the planned act about no smoking at the public places. We’ll see.