Giveaway – Avocode Beta Invite

I have one beta invite to Avocode and I would love to share it with you. Avocode is an awesome tool created by (you may know their other products – CSS Hat, PNG Hat or LESS Hat). And what is the Avocode?

If you code websites you will love it. It’s a way how to get rid of Photoshop because you are not going to need Photoshop anymore. You just open the psd file in Avocode and extract all needed resources simply by clicking the right buttons. And there is more. You will get resources for all resolutions, CSS file or even icon font. Check out the video below or the website wit all avocodes features:

How to get an invite?

Post comment to this article (with your email address). By the 7th September I am going to announce the winner (will be drawn from a hat) and I will send the invite to his/her email account.

Simple like that.

Note: Avocode is now available only for Mac, however even if you are not a Mac user, you are eligible to try to get the invite. But you will have to wait for Linux/Windows version .

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  1. Do I need to put the email in the actual text of the comment or will this suffice? It’s cool that you’re doing this.

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