Windows Azure – mobile services available for Android

Mobile services (Windows Azure) is awesome cloud service. You are able to store data, use authentication service (microsoft account, facebook login, twitter login and google login so far) or send push notifications. It’s cheap any there’s 3 months trial, so why not to try it?

And for a now it’s available for Android too – Android 2.2+ is supported. Do you have your account created? Ok, log in and create new mobile service. If you don’t have a database created already, you will have to create one in next step.


Creating the database is pretty simple, choose your username and password and specify the location.

creating mobile service in windows azure
creating database for mobile service in windows azure

And your mobile service is created.

azure-mobile-services-androidYou can simply install Android SDK, create sample table and download sample project just by clicking those buttons.

GIT support in Visual Studio

Good news, there’s GIT support in Visual Studio and it looks sweet. GIT is distributed version control system, so it’s a great improvement for those who don’t want to use centralized one. And if you want to try TFS (team foundation server), there is a free (in future it will be paid) hosted service by Microsoft (up to 5 users). Worth to try, really.