Six months sober

Six months sober

Began as an innocent support for my suffering friend (he was suffering because he has to stop drinking) and turned into a great lifetime experience.

So now sixth month passed on and because this was the target I have to say, it worths the try.

Next target – quit smoking. This one will be tough, because I am really addicted to a nicotine. Will post an update on this.

Prohibition! Let’s experience Godfather.

I really didn’t hope that my first post could be about something that big.

We have prohibition in Czech Republic since friday. Ok, it’s not a definitive and it doesn’t include all of the alcohol, we can still drink the stuff we got at our homes. But you can’t buy anything with more than 20% alc. vol. Why? It’s simple but not logical at all. In the last two weeks there was a few people (around 20 right now) drunk a bigĀ  dose of methanol and they died. Methanol is a part of spirits, of course it’s marginal amount. If you drink a homemade (illegaly made) spirits, there’s a chance, that dose of methanol will be bigger. The proccess of making alcohol is not trivial. But it’s cheaper. Symptoms are – blindness at first then a death. Antidote is ethanol (yeah, right). Typical situation in bar after a few drinks:

Suddenly that girl looks really great, I should try to get her.

And after a few drinks with big dose of methanol:

Ouch, where is the fat ugly girl, wasn’t she standing right there? And why they shut down the lights?

At that point, you really should drink something safe like absinth.

Allright, that’s a little background. Because they (government, policemen) want to track down all the illegal alcohol, they’ve decided it would be easier in the situation when alcohol will be prohibited. So you can’t buy an alcohol at the stores nor the bars. They had to hide all the bottles. And nobody knows how long it will take. Bad times for bartenders. That’s why it’s totally great idea to try run a business in Czech Republic.

It won’t solve anything, the illegal alcohol is not distributed in a legal way and this situation could lead to a worst situation after all. The only way how to buy an alcohol is a black market and the quality should be really terrible.

However it’s totally funny situation. Gamification of drinking (let’s find a way how to convince a bartender to left a bottle at the toilet).

In my opinion the main reason of prohibition is to distract attention of people from something else (the election is coming), it might be the planned act about no smoking at the public places. We’ll see.