Attempt of assassination of president of Czech Republic

President of Czech Republic is Vaclac Klaus (he’s going to leave this position next year), he was the leader of conservative party in ’90s. The president here doesn’t have a lot of powers. Basically he can use presidential veto (the parliament can overvote him) and he is able to release chosen prisoners. So he should represent country and be a good man to give us a great example of kindness and so on…

You may know him as Great Pen Theft.

He is also a big opponent of global warming, european union and all the liberal stuff like snowboarding. Whatever, not interesting topics at all. Yesterday there was a big holiday in Czech Republic, we were celebrating that we are Czech and we are the best.

Vaclav Klaus was hanging around at some square in small city, trying to impress ordinary people with his irrestible smiles. Out of nothing the assassin stands just a few steps from president. He aims his gun at presidents elbow and shoots. Like 8 or 9 shots. The bodyguards are shocked, but they have to keep an image of tough guys so they are trying to keep their feelings inside.

After all the gun was airsoft gun. President was transported to an hospital and they saved his life, there’s no need to argue about it. The assassin walk away like 500 feets and there was arrested while smoking a cigarette (don’t smoke, it could get you in trouble!). What’s the advice? Don’t try to assassinate president of Czech Republic, it just doesn’t make sense and you will look like a fool.