Backup your WordPress to Google Drive

WordPress is a great open source CMS, even this site is running on it. And since there is a Google Drive – cloud solution with a free 5GiB, why not to use this space for backups? Of course there is a lot of alternatives but I will start with this combination because I really like GMail and that’s the reason why I use Google Apps instead of other email solutions.

First of all, it’s not completely trivial. Let’s start with installing wordpress plugin called Google Drive for WordPress. I assumed that you have an google account with google drive activated. Sign up for one, if you don’t. And let’s start with some google magic. Google API’s console sounds scary, right? Ok, just clict the big blue button create project.

In the list of services look for Drive API and turn it on. Accept Terms of Service. Then click on the Drive API (not the swith).

Choose tab API Access and click big blue button Create an OAuth 2.0 client ID.

Fill in Product name a click Next.

Firstly click more options, you will get the screen similar to image below. Do you have the Google Drive for WordPress plugin installed and activated? Good. Sign in to your wordpress and co to configure google. Copy the Authorized Redirect URL to the form, the Authorized Javascript Origins is url of your website. Done? Click Create client ID.

And again, copy & paste the Client ID and Clients secret from Google Apis to settings of the plugin (sign in to the wordpress, go configure google).

You will be asked to grant a permissions, just click Allow access.

And it’s done. Now you should select what you want to backup and what’s your desired interval. Congratulations.

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